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May 1-2, 2021

Oasis: A Retreat for Grieving Mothers

Imagine stepping from a hot, dry desert into the peaceful cool of an oasis: fresh clean water, lush green plants, and shade for rest.nnNow imagine finding others there, too.nnOasis is a retreat for grieving mothers. As we trek through the wilderness of grief, we long for a place of refreshment and a moment of peace.nnThis May, we’ll gather as bereaved mothers: women who know the love and loss of a child. All are welcome, from those who have lost a baby before birth to those who have suffered the death of an adult child. Your story matters here.nnThe Oasis retreat is virtual, coming to you in the comfort of your own home. We’ll gather on Zoom 3 times during the retreat weekend (including optional small group conversations) and spend time in prayer and reflection outside the group sessions.nnThe companion e-book will give you a complete retreat guide: prayer, Scripture, creative activities, and reflection questions—a range of ideas to meet your unique needs in grief.nnTogether we’ll pray and explore ways to connect with God, each other, and our children. As we enter into the oasis—of God’s love and each other’s support—we will find rest and rejuvenation: the company of those who understand, the gift of time and space to remember our child, and the promise of peace from God as our companion on this journey.

Who is the retreat for?

The Oasis Retreat is open to any mother who has lost a child, from miscarriage through the death of an adult child.nnOasis is a place of welcome for you if:nn- You’ve wrestled with faith since the loss of your childnn- You long to connect with others who understand your lossnn- You feel distant from God or want to find new ways to pray through your griefnn- You’ve struggled with defining your motherhood after your child’s deathnn- You want to give yourself (or a loved one) time and space to remember your love for your childnnThe retreat will offer large group presentations, optional small group conversations, and ideas for creative ways to pray and reflect on your own throughout the weekend.

How does the retreat work?

The retreat will run from May 1-2, 2021.nnWe’ll gather on Zoom for 3 one-hour sessions of presentation, prayer, and reflection:nnSession 1: Sat. May 1st, 9:00 am CDTnnSession 2: Sat. May 1st, 3:00 pm CDTnnSession 3: Sun. May 2nd, 3:00 pm CDTnnParticipants will have the option to join small group discussion for 30 minutes after each hour-long large group session.nnZoom links will be sent to participants via email, and all sessions will be recorded if you’re unable to join live (or simply want to listen again).nnYou’ll also get access to conversations with other bereaved mothers across a range of backgrounds and experiences. These videos will offer you the wisdom and comfort of women who have walked similar roads, ranging from miscarriage to child loss to suicide. You can watch their stories throughout the retreat weekend, to deepen your reflection and learn from other mothers’ experiences:n

nThe Oasis e-book will guide you through the retreat and give you resources to keep reflecting afterward:n


  • a guide for making an at-home retreat
  • n

  • Scripture, prayers, and reflection questions
  • n

  • space for journaling or drawing/painting
  • n

nThis retreat is designed to fit your life. You can watch live sessions later according to your needs, and spend each day in reflection and prayer whenever it fits your schedule. Together we’ll create time and space set apart to encounter God.nnOasis will meet you right where you are.

Registration information:

The retreat costs $50, which covers:n


  • 3 retreat sessions held on Zoom on May 1-2, 2021
  • n

  • the companion e-book with complete retreat materials
  • n

  • all preparation and follow-up materials sent via email
  • n

  • access to recorded Zoom sessions and videos for 30 days following the close of the retreat
  • n

nAs a special bonus, retreat participants will have the option to buy a set of grief encouragement cards to use within retreat sessions and for personal prayer.nnGrief Encouragement Cards 12 Pack image 0nnMarie from Fawnly Prints has offered her card set at a 30% discount to participants (with a coupon code you’ll receive in your Retreat Welcome Letter PDF upon registration).nnThese beautiful cards will give you something tangible to hold and keep as we pray and reflect together. Purchase of the card set is encouraged but optional, to keep the retreat cost affordable for participants.nnPlease note: You will not receive the cards automatically upon registration for the retreat, but you can purchase them separately from Fawnly Prints using the coupon code in your Welcome Letter.nnYou must order the cards by April 26 to receive them before the retreat (May 1), although post-retreat activities with the set are also included with the Oasis e-book.

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